Bryan Little is an award winning filmmaker + artist. His greatest achievement is spending a long weekend with Werner Herzog in a New Jersey Motel and looking at an orb spider with Sir David Attenborough on the side of the M3.

His latest feature documentary ‘The African Cypher’, has been critically acclaimed in numerous local and international festivals with a massive public response, playing to sold out audiences everywhere.

In the end an african goat will eat your panties


Vigo "The world needs more of you" (Directors Cut)
  • Vigo "The world needs more of you" (Directors Cut)

  • U2 / DALeast

    music video for U2 - Films of Innocence project, a DALeast story.

  • martian jungle / liggaam lughawe

    Liggaam / lughawe - body / airport

    Short film for Sylvan Aztok.

    A preparatory sketch exploring our ancient and intrinsic compulsion towards finding god.

    In North Africa when the ritual dancers reach a fever, a moment of exultation,
    those gathered in witness would chant the word 'allah' - a testimony to a glimpse of god.
    Today we find this notion adapted in their northern neighbours of Spain,
    where in a festival of celebration they will chant the word 'Ole'.
    In their joy they too find a glimpse of god.
    Since time began, all over the world, men and woman reach out earnest and open fingertips towards the unknown.

    Our bodies are conduits through which hope, desire and fear are channeled and expressed.
    We use our bodies for dance, exultation and ritual, we use our bodies to alter our world,
    we use our bodies to pray, to dance, to fuck and to get fucked up. We use our bodies to love, to worship and to martyr. Self immolation and transcendence of self. exultation and agony. We use our bodies to find purpose.
    The psychonauts and yogi's, the metalheads, pcp heads, acid heads, the dread heads, the dancers and the singer, the believer and the poet.
    I salute you.



    "Where do they go?, one minute they are here and then they are just meat." - Temple Grandin

  • MTC Hugs

    Director: Bryan Little
    Exec. Producer: Filipa Domingues
    Line Producer: David Leite
    DOP: Mike Snyman
    Sound Composer: Simon Kohler
    Editor: Grant Birch

    Agency: Advantage Y&R Namibia

    Managing Director: Truda Meaden
    Creative Director: Patrick Held

  • MTN Africa - Welcome to the New World

    client: MTN group

    Working with MetropolitanRepublic, what a blast.

    Thanks to Nicola, Tanya, Wes, Eoin, Keith, Dale, Paul, Ruby!
    and everyone at Metro for sharing your space with our production team and art department.
    Especially the patience of the metal zen man Darren.

    It was a great project that we all learnt a lot from.

  • National Geographic Channel

    Worldwide Campaign for National Geographic Channel

    Director Bryan Little
    Prod Co: Fly on the Wall, Cape Town, and Mercurio Cinematografica, Milan
    Producer and stills photographer Filipa Domingues
    Director of photography: Grant Appleton
    Production designer: Latisha Duarte.

  • "The African Cypher"_ Official Theatrical Trailer

    Best Documentary, Audience Award - Encounters Film Festival 2012 (South Africa)
    Best Documentary, Jury Award - Durban International Film Festival 2012 (South Africa)
    Official Selection - Seattle International Film Festival (USA) 2013
    Official Selection - Etonnant Voyageurs (France / Brazzaville) 2013
    Best Documentary Nomination at African Movie Academy Awards 2013
    Best Documentary Nomination at African Film Development Awards 2013

    The African Cypher is the birthplace of ritual celebration, council, story telling and dance.
    “I dance as if I have a gun to my head.” – Mada Sthembiso, (Shakers&Movers)
    Street dance in South Africa is a complex, convoluted underworld; that, like most sub-cultures, exists as a sum of its participants.
    In Mapetla, Soweto if you steal phones and hand bags you will not live long. The community will kill you. If you do a heist, they will tell the police you are not there. Prince tells me this as we walk back to Mada’s place from the shisa nyama. (an informal outdoor fire where you can buy some meat to cook and drink a beer.)
    Prince is a pantsula. He used to be a tsotsi, a gangster, a thug. Today he walks his streets with pride; he is a pantsula dancer and a little bit famous. Tom London from Soweto’s Finest says, “When we dance we find purpose with our bodies”. Prince, strolling down the dusty street with his fluid movement, a little trouble in his hat and a slight swagger, is perhaps the embodiment of that sentiment.
    When he dances on the street corner with Mada; the kids, the tsotsi’s, the mama’s, the unemployed and the hustlers all stop to watch him. I always wonder how it must feel to have that power residing right inside you. No props, no burning hoops – nothing.
    Whatever this dance thing is. It is beautiful, part circus/part soul. No matter the context or style. We all ultimately dance for an audience of one.

  • Between Kingdoms

    A film about my brother.

    We still get emails from all over the world
    saying that this short made someone become a conservationist.


  • TAGGING TOILETS ( short film 20min )

    Short film.
    Part 01 of a life project.
    Every ten years I want to add a new chapter.

    Bryan Devlin, Henry Bodel, Caely-joe Levy, Julian Blaau

    Directed by: Bryan Little
    Produced by: David Leite and Filipa Domingues
    Exec Producer: Apples Appleton snr
    DOP : Grant Appleton
    Art Director: Warren Lewis
    Edited by: Kobus Liebenberg
    Sound Design and composition: Henry Bodel and Ian Groce


  • AKING - Safe as Houses music vid

    A music Video for AKING for their debut video.

    We built a giant castle on the Seapoint promenade in a full on Cape Town winter storm.
    Latisha Duarte - Art Director and woman of magic

    Producer: Filipa Domingues
    Director: Bryan Little
    DOP: Grant Appleton
    Editor: Grant Appleton

  • FOKOFPOLISIEKAR ( theatrical trailer )

  • Night Swimmer - MTV Europe

    Part of a brand Campaign for MTV International that they bought from us and flighted for 5 years internationally.