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Bryan Little, Fly on the Wall director, co-founded an online portal to celebrate + share Africa's cinematic riches. exists to answer that question, bringing you a carefully curated stream of some of the world's best content - films and series that are worth your time and data. 

Everything on has a link to Africa: either it was made in Africa or by an African or about Africa.

But everything on has also been recognised as some of the best content in the world: it's either won at an A-list festival or awards, from the Academy Awards to Venice; or been a viral hit on YouTube, a Vimeo Staff Pick or Short Of The Week; or been handpicked by a top African filmmaker as their favourite African film. Taste is not universal, so we can't promise that the next film you watch here will be your all-time favourite, but we can promise that it is someone's favourite. 

We love Hollywood as much as the next person, but coming from Africa, we sometimes want to watch videos that speak to who we are and where we are from. That's when it's time: time to watch a collection of videos that have competed with the best Hollywood has to offer - and won - but that also explore our world, and the world of our neighbours across the continent.

Because as Africans we should know more about the continent we live in than New York and Los Angeles.  

Because at least some of the stories that shape our lives should involve us and the communities we interact with daily. 

And because our films and series are among the best in the world.

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