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: : Founded in 2005 : : 


Known for a strong visual aesthetic and carefully crafted work seeking an emotional response,

We focus our energy on making films that inspire wonder and imagination

along the arteries of meaning.

Our work often has themes of identity, personal truth, and a desire to connect.

We believe in Equality and Acceptance for ALL people

across cultures, gender and sexual orientation,

We believe in environmental biodiversity

and the preservation and re-creation of wilderness. 

And the seeking of the wilderness within ourselves.

We hope for our work to embody ecstatic truth

- empowering people to express their own joy.  



Creative Producer | Photographer



Writer | Director

: : Awards | Commendations | Milestones : : 

Bryan Little chosen (1/20) to take part in the six-month, Spiritual Ecology, Seeds of Radical Renewal 

International Leadership course curated and fascilitated by Emergence Magazine; 

exploring the intersection between Ecology, Culture & Spirituality. 

Best South African Documentary - Durban International Film Festival - The African Cypher

African Academy Award Nominee (Best African documentary) - The African Cypher

Audience Award Best South African Film - Encounters International Documentary Festival -The African Cypher
(The only filmmakers to have won this prestigious prize with both our first films.)

Audience Award Best South African Film - Encounters International Documentary Festival -Fokofpolisiekar, forgive them for they know not what they do.


Bryan Little hand selected by Werner Herzog to join him in a New Jersey motel for the 'Rogue Film School' experiment.

“Totally utterly inspired by this work..... it's like being in a fantasy world, yet realising at the same time that it our real world. I was almost breathless driving along Rhodes Drive the other night.... brought back feelings of anticipation and excitement that I have not had since I was a child. THank you thank you thank you for this outstanding installation. I cannot put words to the gratitude I feel”  - VanessaThomas -re: The Endemic Project

“You probably found yourself wondering whether your eyes were playing tricks on you or if you were experiencing a moment of transcendental consciousness.”  - News24 re: The Endemic Project

Best Director (worldwide) - Promax Europe - for National Geographic Channel
Best Brand Campaign (Europe) - Promax Europe - for National Geographic Channel

Top 50 new directors in the world - Shots international showreel
Grand Prix Award - Design Indaba International Design conference - Sub_Urban Magazine
Mail&Gaurdian - top 200 young South Africans 2011

: : Contact Us : :

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+27 71 986 8716


The Secret Club

Cape Point

deep south, Cape Town

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