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the springboard project

Short film documenting the making of 4 wooden surfboards

The 9Miles youth development organization get an incredible opportunity to

shape their own beautiful wooden surfboards with master craftsman Patrick Burnett.

In an amazing display of ubuntu & altruism, the kids decide to auction the boards

to raise money for a desperately needed van for their surf club.


This is a short film we made with Gone. Outdoor to help the cause. 

Director: Bryan Garrick Little

Producer: Filipa Domingues

DOP: Diogo Domingues 

Music: Grassy Spark Stuart, Mwlasha & Simon, Xavier Rudd

Final Audio Mix by: Simon Kohler / Field Audio

Starring / Boards shaped by: Faieq Samodien, Marcheleno Anthony, Shannon Plaatjies, Kenzil Hermanus Project initiated and supported by Gone. Outdoor + Burnett wood surfboards.


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