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Short film / Music Video for Sylvan Aztok


Animated GIF's created from user uploaded Youtube videos.

"Where do they go?, one minute they are here and then they are just meat."

                                                                                                      - Temple Grandin


A preparatory sketch exploring our ancient and intrinsic compulsion towards finding god.

A kind of tuning fork, setting the tone, as a sort of compass to where I am hoping to explore.



In North Africa when the ritual dancers reach a fever, a moment of exultation,

those gathered in witness would chant the word 'allah' - a testimony to a glimpse of god.

Today we find this notion adapted in their northern neighbours of Spain, where in a festival of celebration they will chant the word 'Ole'. In their joy they too find a glimpse of god.


Since time began, all over the world, men and woman reach out earnest and open fingertips towards the unknown.


Our bodies are conduits through which hope, desire and fear are channeled and expressed.

We use our bodies for dance, exultation and ritual, we use our bodies to alter our world,

we use our bodies to pray, to dance, to fuck and to get fucked up. We use our bodies to love, to worship and to martyr. Self immolation and transcendence of self. exultation and agony.

We use our bodies to find purpose.

The psychonauts and yogi's, the metalheads, pcp heads, acid heads, the dread heads, the dancers and the singer, the believer and the poet.

I salute you.


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