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Balance through surfing at the center of the world.

A collaboration with the Jacob Jonas Dance company for

"Equilibrio: The SOMA Surf Story," is a captivating short documentary set in São Tomé, an island of natural wonder and social complexity. Situated in the Gulf of Guinea, near the west coast of Central Africa, the film introduces us to a remarkable group of young São Toméan women who are defying societal norms and embracing empowerment through the art of surfing, all thanks to the small and dedicated organisation known as SOMA. These brave young women challenge what people expect of them in their community. Equilibrio" is a celebration of their stories, a testament to the power of personal growth, resilience, and unity.


Director: Ana-Filipa Domingues 
Cinematographer: Bryan Garrick Little
Underwater Cinematographer + 2nd Camera: Diogo Domingues
Sound Recordist: Khanya Cona 
South African Producer Anco Henning (Direction Films)
Executive Producer: Noelia Lage Vazquez 
UK Producer: Nailah Blissett 
Photographer and Videographer: Ana Catarina 
Photographer and Videographer: Thiago Theo 
Behind the scenes: Nic Eve 
Final Sound  -
Final Mix: Simon Kohler 
Dialogue Edit: David Houston 



Rosy Félix 
Constantina Espirito Santo
Adelyna Soares
Wazimila Lima
Letviana Lourenço
Clara Antonio
SOMA Founder & President: Francisca Sequeira 
SOMA General Manager: Rita Xavier 
SOMA Instructor Emerson Soares
SOMA Volunteer Sofia Munhá Lucas Ináclo 
SOMA Volunteer Beatriz Soares Mesquita Guerreiro Ribeiro 
SOMA Volunteer Maria Francisca de Oliveira Dias Alcoforado Corte-Real
SOMA Volunteer Matilde Da Ponte Agostinho 
SOMA Volunteer Inês Aroso Cavaca 

A heartfelt thank you to

Betclic Portugal, Shutterstock Studios and Coming Soon, Lisboa who made this film possible


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