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filmmaker storyteller couple 

living & working in Cape Point, South Africa 

we believe in goosebumps 

 feature documentaries
short form 


the human desire to connect with nature


: : Founded in 2005 : : 


Known for a strong visual aesthetic and carefully crafted work seeking an emotional response,

We focus our energy on making films that inspire wonder and imagination

along the arteries of meaning.

Our work often has themes of identity, personal truth, and a desire to connect.

We believe in Equality and Acceptance for ALL people

across cultures, gender and sexual orientation,

We believe in environmental biodiversity

and the preservation and re-creation of wilderness. 

And the seeking of the wilderness within ourselves.

We hope for our work to embody ecstatic truth

- empowering people to express their own joy.  

current projects + in development
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current PROJECTS

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